Dachi makes our best effort to assist customers through the development of a variety of relevant products.
Dachi integrates and combines design with domestically cutting edge processing technology in accordance with customer demand.
Dedicating to the introduction of imported raw materials from Japan and western countries as well as local raw materials in Taiwan, Dachi provides high quality products.
Dachi expects to be able to help more customers achieve the improvement of product quality and price reasonableness.
Dachi’s products are now widely used in the daily life of healthcare and distributed to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and China areas.

package service

OEM: supply of raw materials from customer→sample making by formula adjustment→lable & packing plan→product completion
ODM: customer request for product→whole content & packing plan→sample making & formula confirmation→product completion


R&D formula

According to the requirements of day-to-day dietary supplement,
we develop diverse functions of ingredient and make up the best prescription based on the content of products.


R&D of formulation

According to the product attribute and functional consideration, we develop patch, cream, liquid and spray.


Sample production

According to the requests of clients, Dachi develops customized products, and communicates closely with clients to meet the requirements.


Planning for packaging designs

Planning for label, containers of diverse sizes and boxes.


Applications of certificate

1 Certificate of export trade:
English health certificate for exported products
Certificate of Free Sale
2.Application for Product Advertisement:
3.Application for Product Barcode