About Us


Dachi was established in 2006.
Located at Dachi industrial area in Taichung city, Dachi has been engaged in production, R&D and OEM of Chinese medical preparations such as medicated patch, ointment, solution for external use and so on.
Dachi has more than 30 license certificates in total.

Business Philosophy


In order to serve large-scale social community, Dachi holds the pharmaceutical spirt of moral conscience, provides the herbal preparation and follows the ancient method of processing and curing.
Dachi's firm belief has not been changed over the years and is deeply aware of our corporate social responsibility. Also, Dachi abides by everything in good faith and operates under the spirit of sincerity.



In the beginning of 2007, Dachi invested in a lot of manpower and resources, purchased and upgraded manufacturing facilities and inspection instruments.
Established the Chinese medicine G.M.P pharmaceutical factory.and established the superior G.M.P pharmaceutical factory of Chinese medicine.
In December 2007, Dachi passed G.M.P approval, implemented superior pharmaceutical manufacturing standard,completed the actual record manufacturing process, carried out the operation of quantity control during each process in order to provide the best quantity pharmaceuticals and hope to share prosperity together with social community.

Expectation and Vision


From ancient times to the present, Chinese medical science absolutely has its value and meaning.
Following the progress of the times, Chinese medicine treatment has already been scientific, and the effects have been proved by modern experiment.
With the low toxicity and low side effect, Chinese medicine has been taken into account and been widely used, especially for some treatment of diseases, the effect of Chinese medicine is better than western medicine.
Dachi will keep following its scientific spirits and outstanding G.M.P pharmaceutical manufacture to develop more and better Chinese prescription and make good use of herb to meet the public’s expectation.



Dachi makes our best effort to assist customers through the development of a variety of relevant products.
Dachi integrates and combines design with domestically cutting edge processing technology in accordance with customer demand.
Dedicating to the introduction of imported raw materials from Japan and western countries as well as local raw materials in Taiwan, Dachi provides high quality products.
Dachi expects to be able to help more customers achieve the improvement of product quality and price reasonableness.
Dachi’s products are now widely used in the daily life of healthcare and distributed to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and China areas.